Making the most of a small kids room

Making the most of a small kids room

Are you trying to make the most of a child’s small bedroom? This may seem like a challenge but there are so many options to maximize the space you have. They’ll need a place to play, do homework, and sleep, all while remaining uncluttered. Here are some things to know when shopping at kids’ bedroom furniture stores.

There are many kids bedroom sets to consider with many configurations and storage solutions. Whether looking for girls’ bedroom sets or bedroom sets for boys, we have compiled several options to get you started on your design ideas.

First you’ll need to measure wall space, and make sure you have 30” from top bunk to ceiling of clearance. Next, determine which features are the most important.

What’s the difference between a bunk bed and a loft bed?

Both a space saving bunk and loft bed are similar. Bunk beds feature a top and lower mattress stacked on top of each other. They come in many configurations that make them fun, yet practical for your children, ranging from simple to more complex. The most common feature a ladder to access the top bunk.

A loft bed is also a double level bed which may include a bottom mattress, just have an open space, or feature a desk and/or storage.

Bunk Beds:

Twin Over Twin: Two twin sized mattresses stacked directly on top of each other. The top bunk can be accessed by a ladder or built-in stairs.
Twin Over Full: Twin sized mattress over a full sized bed. Access to the twin is by ladder or built-in stairs.
Full Over Full: Two full sized mattresses stacked directly on top of each other. The top bunk can be accessed by a ladder or built-in stairs.

Loft Beds:

A loft bed is very versatile. Choose to leave the space under the loft for a play area, reading area, or use it for a second bed, storage or a desk to do homework. You can see size options below:

Twin Loft
Full Loft
Twin Over Twin Loft
Twin Over Full Loft

How do I incorporate storage into the room?

Typically you would choose a children’s bedroom set consisting of a nightstand, a dresser, etc, but in tight spaces, efficiency is key. Built-in storage or desk helps keep the room less cluttered and organized. There are many styles to consider:

Staircase Lofts: Features a built-in staircase instead of a ladder. Some sets have storage in each step.
Storage Lofts: Contains lots of storage and drawers.
Study Lofts: Includes a desk area.

Whichever solution you choose, there are things to consider when making your purchase; such as the age of your child, the need for more sleep space a bunk bed offers, and room size when needing to accommodate a desk, dresser and a bed which a loft bed provides.


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