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As you settle into the idea of motherhood and begin to prepare for the arrival of your new little one, you quickly realize the nursery room is one of the more important and sacred spaces that deserves (and requires!) a lot of attention. From the convertible cribs and all of their accessories, to the changing station, to the breathable mattresses, to choosing the linens & bedding you are going to trim the room with - it may feel overwhelming at first when you start to put your ideas all together, but that is exactly where we come in!  Not only are we furniture specialists - we also come from a big family with lots of kids ourselves and have personally been in your very shoes before, so are more than happy to lend an ear as well as lend some advice when it comes to helping you design and decorate the nursery room of your dreams!  Because every little baby deserves a comfy cozy and stylish little place to lay their little heads at night. 


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